Write To Us Guidelines

Mediyashare is looking for bloggers and guest writers that enjoy creating original content so they may earn money.

If you could alert us, that would be wonderful! Please complete this frame, and we will contact you soon.

We are happy you were able to find Mediyashre. For the sake of financial and professional gain, Mediyashre Media is a virtual environment where you may cultivate your writing style and the essence of producing naturally captivating material.

We are now willing to consider guest contributions on a range of subjects connected to our websites. You can identify your specialisation and write for us about everything, from technology to the entertainment sector, from wellness blogs to unrelated issues. We’ve provided a number of recommendations that you should carefully review.

It is completely forbidden to submit any content created by ChatGPT or another AI tool. Such submissions will be disregarded. We support human-produced original and distinctive content.

Submission Requirements For Guest Posts:

Originality is essential

It must contain material that hasn’t been published on any of the websites. We anticipate clever writing with a fresh perspective. A text that has been changed, paraphrased, or somehow spun will not be approved in light of this. Do not use chatGPT or any kind of AI software.


The title of an article should be original and compelling enough to get readers to click on it. We require authors to submit three to five titles on contact us. The title must be small.

Every Niche is essential

We welcome a variety of original articles written on social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, and other topics related to SEO, social media, and online marketing.

Must Meet All Article Requirements 100%

The article must be 100% original and pass a plagiarism check. Despite the fact that the length of the article may vary depending on the subject, make sure that every piece you submit for guest posting is sincere, singular, and grammatically perfect. You can reach us via email if you have any questions on the subject.

SEO-Friendly Websites

To rank in the traffic system is our aim. And in order to achieve this, we must write SEO-friendly blogs and articles. You may use the necessary graphics and one or two hyperlinks when creating such content.

Word requirement minimum: 700-800 words per document.

Transferring rights to another party

The copyright for the content will be transferred to us after you submit the articles and blogs for us to use. Thus, we reserve the right to accept or amend the article as we see fit.

The Subjects You May Curate With Our Aid

The majority of our audience consists of those eager readers and team members from various organisational departments who want to educate themselves. We therefore concentrate on offering them advice, best practices on current issues, how-to manuals for certain phenomena, entertainment news and ads, as well as information on entrepreneurship. 

Our goal is to offer our readers an entertaining, thought-provoking library of innovation and insight. In order to enhance the workflow of our readers, we only accept content that is captivating and fits within the categories of our topics. Email us your work at (insert email address), and we’ll respond right away.

Any advice on how to make sure my essay is appropriate for Mediyashare?

  • Please provide facts and sources to back up your writing.
  • Blog-style writing should be used for posts, which includes concise paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points, and lots of white space.
  • A few subheadings are greatly welcomed (H2) is our favourite!
  • Please only use one space between sentences.

Do we pay?

All contributions to our website are entirely voluntary, and we don’t compensate you in any way for the work you provide.

Contact Us makes it simple for you to communicate.


Are you certain that you’ll publish my essay?

If we determine that your post is not a good fit for The Kootneeti, we have the right to not publish it. The choice to publish it elsewhere is thereafter yours.

Should I attach a picture?

I’ll include one. But, if you have an original photograph, we can also compare your photographic abilities.

Please check all of the boxes on this checklist before submitting

  • Your message should include your name, email, website, and Twitter handle.
  • Add a one-sentence bio to the beginning of your post.
  • Include two or more links within your article to content on Mediyashare.
  • Create an editable Word or Google Doc from your comment.